Chile partners with Upwing Energy to increase onshore natural gas production

James Attwood, Bloomberg February 27, 2024

(Bloomberg) – Chile’s state oil and gas company is partnering with a California-based firm to try to squeeze more out of its natural gas fields in a country that relies mainly on imported hydrocarbons.

A hybrid compressor rotor of the Upwing Subsurface Compressor System (Source: Upwing Energy)

Enap signed a deal with Upwing Energy to install compressors deep in wells at its onshore operations in the Magallanes basin, the two firms said Tuesday. Without offering projections for the contract, Upwing says its technology can boost production anywhere from 20% to 200% depending on well conditions.

That would be welcome news for Enap, which is looking to boost revenue to pay down debt and fund investments. While Chile is one of the world’s top suppliers of commodities from copper to pulp, its domestic oil and gas production is dwarfed by those of its neighbors, with the nation relying mainly on imported oil and gas.

Formed in 2015 as an offshoot of Calnetix Technologies, Upwing’s investors include Norway’s Equinor ASA. The subsurface compressor contract with Enap would be its first in South America. Enap also operates in Argentina, Ecuador and Egypt.

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