Aggreko completes Africa’s largest flare gas to power project

September 07, 2022

Aggreko, a provider of mobile, modular power, temperature control and energy services, completed a 10MW flare gas to power project, the largest in Africa, to lower its total cost of energy and lessen emissions from the oil field.

To drive greater efficiencies for the client, Aggreko proposed a centralized power station utilizing flare gas instead of diesel to eliminate waste associated with flare gas, reduce its carbon footprint, and drive down the cost of energy for the company.

By using its bespoke solution, Aggreko was able to replace all of the diesel generators, connect 26 wells through 30km of overhead transmission and supply around 10MW of continuous electricity to power operations, while saving ~80,000 liters of diesel per day. This alternative leads to total annual savings for the client of around $25 million (USD) and annual carbon emissions savings of 52,348.5 Tons of C02.

Hesham Tawfik Elshamy, country manager for Egypt at Aggreko Africa, comments: “There’s a significant opportunity for oil and gas companies globally to not only transition to cleaner energy, but to reduce wastage from flare gas, which we have in abundance in the region. At Aggreko, we have the capabilities to design and engineer complex gas flaring to power solutions that allow our customers to reach their target emission reductions and lower the cost of energy, while providing them with commercial flexibility and safeguarding them against the need for heavy upfront capital investment.

“While Egypt has been making great strides in reducing flare gas, the country is still ranked among the top 30 flaring countries in the world according to the 2022 Global Gas Flaring Report, so there’s always more that can be done. And with access to electricity being a challenge across Africa more broadly, there is widespread opportunity to utilize this flare gas to generate electricity for the continent.”

The project is also scalable, and the output can be increased up to 15MW, providing the operator with much-needed flexibility of electricity supply. The bespoke design also allows for future expansion, or purchase of the entire solution by the client following the end of the project, should it be required.

Aggreko has been operating in Egypt since 2015 and continues to invest heavily in the Egyptian market, not only through its equipment, but also through local skills training and development at its in-country technical facility. Helping to reduce the energy shortage in Africa and aid in the continent’s goals to reduce emissions in line with global commitments.

As an international provider of bespoke power generation, heating and cooling solutions, Aggreko is uniquely positioned to help the oil and gas sector accelerate and deliver the energy transition. Its focus upon sustainability is evident today not only in the cleaner energy products and services it delivers to customers but also in its own active pursuit of transition goals: it is committed to achieving net-zero across its own operations by 2030 in all 80 countries where it operates including Senegal, Gabon, Romania, Brazil and Argentina.

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