Brazil showcases oil & gas, technology, opportunities for foreign investors during OTC

May 02, 2022

ApexBrasil, a Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, is partnering with Brazil's Energy Research Office (EPE), The Brazilian Petroleum and Gas Institute (IBP), The Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels (ANP), Petrobras, and the Federation of the Industries of Rio De Janeiro State (FIRJAN) to highlight the country's burgeoning leadership in the sector at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.

As one of the largest tradeshows held annually in the U.S., OTC offers industry professionals the valuable opportunity to develop long-lasting business partnerships and learn about the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

"Brazil is already one of the top 10 largest oil producers/exporters in the world and, during OTC 2022, the country will highlight a broad range of opportunities it sees for growth across the areas of exploration and production," said Adalberto Netto, Chief Investment Officer for ApexBrasil. "Of particular interest to foreign direct investors will be Brazil's diversified energy mix, with renewable energy accounting for 48% of the country's energy structure, as well as auctions in the coming months and years for Brazil's unique pre-salt layer. In fact, we predict that 50 billion barrels of high-quality crude oil can be extracted from the pre-salt layers alone, which is a volume four times greater than the current national reserves. Brazil is an up-and-coming oil and gas powerhouse that has put government-level measures in place to further encourage partnerships in a well-rounded portfolio of natural gas, downstream infrastructure projects (ports, refineries, etc.), and supply chain opportunities."

Thousands of attendees from more than 130 countries, including industry thought leaders, investors, buyers, and entrepreneurs, will have the opportunity to visit the Brazilian Pavilion (Booths 917, 933, 1032, 1114, and 1129) at the NRG Center from May 2-5, and learn about the unique and innovative products produced by the 42 Brazilian oil and gas companies that will be exhibiting onsite. From smart artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring solutions and other digital solutions for offshore energy companies, to innovative technological repairs for addressing corrosion, to advanced geological analysis and petrophysics, some of the companies in attendance include but are not limited to:

  • AltaveAltave provides real-time monitoring through video surveillance and AI.
  • Biosolvit: Biosolvit is a biotechnology company focused on sustainability. The company is focused on three main areas, including: research and development of new materials, industrialization of products for the preservation of flora, and industrialization of products for the preservation of water.
  • Endserv: EndServ specializes in the development of technological solutions for repairs in pipes that move a variety of chemical fluids.
  • GeowellexGeowellex offers solutions in geological monitoring, mud logging, and formation assessment.
  • Intelie: Intelie's LIVE®, Operational Intelligence software combines cutting-edge AI with human intelligence to transform data into results.
  • Phdsoft: Phdsoft's flagship product, PhDC4D®, stands alone as a robust solution that accurately predicts the degradation and corrosion of complex assets over time.
  • R1 Engineering: R1 Engineering offers integrated solutions for the lifecycle management of industrial physical assets, from visual inspections in the field, drones, and NDTs to cutting-edge simulation technologies.
  • Rio Analytics: Rio Analytics is a technology company focused on the development of AI applications to predict failures of industrial assets.
  • The Insight: The Insight develops AI solutions to ensure greater operational efficiency and optimize costs for power and gas companies.

ApexBrasil works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. Oil and gas is a key priority area for ApexBrasil and Brazil as a country. Consider the measures Brazil's oil and gas ministry and governing bodies have put in place to maximize the 149 state and federal auctions and concessions available to foreign investors this year, which represent more than USD $47 billion in value – such as the introduction of the Open Acreage process, which is a special way of acquiring exploratory blocks and mature fields to ensure continuous exploration of blocks and areas. Additionally, the establishment of the Brazilian Petroleum Partnerships (BPP) program fosters partnerships between Brazilian and foreign oil & gas companies, promoting the integration of Brazil into the global supply chain.

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