Energy Workforce & Technology Council: invest in U.S. energy to create jobs, energy independence

Energy Workforce & Technology Council 3/2/2022

Leslie Beyer, CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council, said following the State of the Union Address, she agrees with President Biden and our need to optimize reliance on domestic resources, but that must also include energy resources.

Leslie Beyer
Leslie Beyer

“If we provide a fair playing field for our energy sector and encourage more investment in U.S. energy infrastructure, exploration and innovation, the American energy workforce will create even more good paying jobs, optimize U.S. energy independence and provide exports to our allies so no one has to rely on Russia for their energy resources,” Beyer said.

The president spoke about buying American products and supporting American jobs, she said. The U.S. energy sector has the expertise, technology, workforce and innovation to increase our domestic supplies of oil and natural gas, when allowed to fully develop these resources.

“We need to let the American energy sector prosper, create more jobs and provide the energy resources necessary to power North America and our European allies,” Beyer said.
Actions the Administration can take immediately to expand American exceptionalism in the energy sector, includes:

  • Directing the Department of Interior to make necessary steps to restart lease sales for oil and gas production on federal lands
  • Expedite permitting for energy infrastructure
  • Pull back on efforts to increase the cost of domestic energy
  • Rescind the nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin

"Each of these actions will create thousands of good paying jobs, lessen our and our allies’ dependence on Russian energy resources and bring America back to leading the way on energy technology innovation, leading to cleaner energy production. This can be done across the board in energy sectors, including oil and gas,” Beyer said.
“As the president stated, let’s do build an even better America, but to do so we must create an environment that allows the American energy sector to prosper, create jobs, and provide the energy resources necessary to power North America and our European allies.”

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