Trendsetter introduces modular offshore intervention system

Trendsetter Trident Intervention System
Trendsetter Trident Intervention System

HOUSTON – Trendsetter Engineering introduced its Trident Intervention System, designed for rapid reconfiguration in the field, providing the flexibility to conduct intervention riser, riserless wireline intervention and hydraulic stimulation operations all with a single system. This modular approach to intervention will result in reduced well maintenance costs, improved production and increased intervention operational efficiency.

The Trident System, initially delivered in the Intervention Riser System (IRS) configuration, provides a 6‐ 3/8” through bore and is suitable for all types of well intervention operations up to 15,000 psi and in water depths up to 10,000 ft.

Trident’s robust Well Control Package (WCP) is built around the unique and reliable shear/seal design of the Interventek Revolution valves, providing a robust safety system in an extremely compact package.

With an overall WCP stack‐up height under 16’ and a combined Emergency Disconnect Package / Lower Riser Package weight of just over 67,000 lbs, Trident is uniquely suited for rapid mobilization to any region and integration into almost any rig of availability, including many older generation MODU’s which may be limited in both crane capacity and tree cart stack‐up height.

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