EDGE begins on-wellsite LNG production


PENNSYLVANIA -- Edge Gathering Virtual Pipelines 2 LLC has begun well-site LNG production operations in the United States in order to provide the Mid-Atlantic and New England marketplaces with a new source of high-quality and low-cost LNG. EDGE expects to be among the most competitive suppliers of truck-delivered LNG in these markets due to the cost-efficiency of principally sourcing its feedstock natural gas from otherwise-stranded gas wells and without the costs associated with gas gathering, processing, and pipeline transportation. Without the need for pipeline access, EDGE expects to make LNG a viable and competitive physical energy solution for end-use consumers and gas utilities across the U.S.

EDGE began on-wellsite LNG production operations on May 7, 2019, accessing Marcellus gas in Pennsylvania, and making truck-delivered LNG sales to its first customers. One of EDGE’s first customers is Emera Energy Services, Inc., to whom EDGE has delivered over 30,000 gal of LNG with a delivery point at a New England gas utility over 300 mi away from the Marcellus production site.

EDGE’s business model works by deploying Galileo Global Technologies’ transportable LNG liquefaction equipment “at the source” – natural gas wells – and subsequently delivering the LNG directly to customers’ doorsteps. This business process constitutes the EDGE Virtual Pipeline. Within the next year, EDGE also expects to obtain and deploy a fleet of LNG-fueled tractors, which will make use of EDGE LNG, in order to make customer deliveries even more cost-effective.

EDGE is able to deploy its unique Cryobox LNG production units to natural gas well-sites due to their compact and transportable nature. EDGE Cryobox units fit on a standard 40 ft tractor trailer and are designed to be quickly and easily connected, and disconnected, from feedstock gas wells. EDGE Cryobox units are also powered by their own onboard natural-gas-fueled engines. This removes the need for large amounts of electric power, which is rarely available from the grid at remote well-site locations.

The EDGE Virtual Pipeline, with no fixed infrastructure and no need for pipeline access, enables EDGE to deliver LNG to locations where LNG has been previously unavailable; and to source its gas feedstock from stranded gas sources with no takeaway capacity as well as from oil-production-byproduct “associated gas” resources that were previously flared.

As a cheaper and greener alternative to other fossil fuels such as diesel and propane, EDGE’s LNG can be an attractive choice for industries with onsite electric generation, to transport fleet operators, and to other large energy consumers that have come to rely on higher-cost fossil fuels. EDGE is also able to provide LNG storage and regasification equipment so as to offer its end-user customers a total cost-reducing energy solution.

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