GEODynamics offers HELLfire perforating system

February 03, 2019

MILLSAP, Texas -- GEODynamics, Inc. introduces the new patented HELLFire perforating system, a revolutionary solution that allows the oil and gas industry to more effectively complete multi-stage plug-and-perf operations. At 9.5-in total length per cluster, the short-bodied system eliminates tool string length and delivers more clusters per stage. Increasing cluster count per stage will make better wells, as differences due to same stage formation variation are mitigated.

The compact HELLFire system incorporates the best unconventional perforating technologies into a single and versatile weapon to create next generation stage completions. The system’s three- or six-shot cluster design delivers high-performing perforations specifically built for frac. This technology unlocks stage design options not previously possible with lengthy conventional spiral-phased technology. Flexible design options allow engineers to specify ideal cluster counts and spacings which result in lower costs, fewer stages, maximized injectivity, and optimal proppant placement, all with less equipment and a smaller crane. The factory-loaded, built for wireline system improves convenience, safety, and reliability, whether run with addressable initiators or with tried-and-trusted mechanical switches.

“HELLFire is the ultimate perforating tool for high cluster count multi-stage, plug-and-perf completions,” according to David Ambler, perforating product line manager. Wireline providers have successfully run more than 7,000 clusters of the new system, proving that the system’s simple, compact, light-weight design gives operators and service companies an effective choice for constructing better wells. New optimized stage and cluster designs allow frac crews to get to rate quickly, every time, while still placing proppant where it is optimized.

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