Gardner Denver releases newest pressure pumping fluid end technology


HOUSTON -- Gardner Denver Petroleum & Industrial Pumps, the only total solutions provider to the drilling, well servicing and frac pumps market, announced the launch of GDNX, the next generation of fluid end technology.

GDNX features include:

  • Redline consumables. This revolutionary series of aftermarket parts extend product life by up to 3.5x.
  • Superior fatigue life. Patent pending cross-bore design that reduces operating stress and maintenance intervals by 3.5x when compared to competitors.
  • Compatibility. Fit, form, and function of the GDNX are the same as the SGWS series, meaning it’s a direct fit to existing 2250/2500 pumps. o All suction manifold, discharge flange and tie rod connections will remain unchanged from SGWS fluid ends, allowing GDNX fluid ends to serve as a direct replacement for SGWS fluid ends.
  • Proven Falcon Technology. The service-friendly design reduces maintenance time for valve, seat, plunger and packing changes.
  • Ease of maintenance. No alignment requirements to suction covers and no special tooling required to install.
  • Stainless steel. The GDNX fluid end is built to last.
  • Service & Support. 24/7 aftermarket service and support anytime and anywhere you need it.

GDNX is available for immediate shipment to fit all manufactured models of Frac pumps.

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