API says steel tariff exclusion rulings hurt American workers


WASHINGTON -- API expressed disappointment in the administration’s latest action to deny exclusions from Section 232 tariffs on imported steel used in certain parts of oil and natural gas industry operations, a misguided decision that could impact American energy production and American jobs.

“The administration’s denial of needed product exclusions from harmful tariffs on steel is bad news for American workers and consumers who have benefited from increased American energy production,” said API V.P. for Regulatory and Economic Policy Kyle Isakower. “Further, the administration’s arbitrary process to determine these exclusions lacks transparency as it’s not clear how and why certain exclusion petitions are granted or denied. What is clear, though, is that implementation of tariffs on imported steel undermines domestic energy production and the future of our nation’s energy infrastructure which is critical to bringing American energy to market. Further, increasing the costs of American energy production will hurt America’s national security.

“We hope that the administration will reconsider these harmful tariffs that will without a doubt hurt the administration’s goal of American energy dominance while threatening the 10.3 million jobs supported by the U.S. natural gas and oil industry.”

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