Wintershall, Gazprom JV reaches new production milestone

April 25, 2018

KASSEL, Germany -- Achimgaz, a German-Russian joint venture of Wintershall and Gazprom, has achieved a new milestone, with total production reaching 30 Bcm of natural gas. In the same period the company has produced more than 13 million tons of gas condensate, to date.

The increase in production in 2017 was instrumental in achieving the new milestone: gas production rose to 6.6 Bcm, in addition 2.9 million tons of gas condensate were produced. The company has been producing from 88 wells since December 2017. The total drilling performance for the past year was 46,995 m.

Achimgaz intends to increase the number of wells to 110 by 2020 and thus make it possible to boost annual production to more than 8 Bcm of natural gas and around 4 million tons of gas condensate.

“The record figures for Achimgaz production just go to show that developing difficult hydrocarbon deposits like the Achimov horizon can be successful and profitable. In just 15 years the pilot project on the Yamal Peninsula has evolved into one of the most efficient companies in the industry. That is the result of a reliable German-Russian partnership in technology as well as the exchange and management of knowledge,” explained Thilo Wieland, member of the Wintershall board of executive directors responsible for E&P in Russia.

Achimgaz produces natural gas from the Achimov horizon (Block 1A) of Urengoy field near the city of Novy Urengoy in the autonomous okrug of Yamalo-Nenets. The surface area of the reservoir is more than 280 km2. Wintershall (100% subsidiary of BASF) and Gazprom dobycha Urengoy (100% subsidiary of Gazprom) are equal shareholders of Achimgaz.

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