Impact Selector International releases latest advancement in wireline tools


DALLAS -- The SMART Sens from Impact Selector International is the latest advancement in wireline tools, providing real-time monitoring of downhole cable head tension during wireline operations. The measurement of tension is critical because where it is insufficient, cable slack and released torque can damage cable. Correspondingly, where tension is too high, the cable can break. With today’s lateral and/or deviated wells, maintaining safe cable tension is even more critical.

While conventional surface devices measure tension, that measurement is delayed by the time it takes for the tension to travel from the tool back to the surface. When a cable tension problem exists, that delay can mean the difference between effective actions being taken and a damaged cable. SMART Sens measures tension in real-time across the full surface of the tool for a higher level of accuracy.

SMART Sens’ unique ability to measure cable head tension reduces uncertainty and increases control of wireline functions. Specific benefits include maximized pumpdown and efficiency and reduced fishing risk. In addition, this advanced tool accurately verifies when a plug is set and/or released, and provides positive confirmation that a release device has been activated.

The API RP-67-compliant SMART Sens features a rugged, reliable construction, developed to handle the shock that results from perf gun firing This capability provides reliability where conventional tools often fail, which translates into time and cost savings for operators. SMART Sens is easy to operate in the field, with no field calibration required and no internal seals or parts to maintain. SMART Sens' “plug and play” compatibility with Warrior ensures that is can be deployed without additional surface equipment.

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