Abrado completes section-milled window utilizing a downhole mud motor


HOUSTON -- Abrado announced today that it has successfully completed the first casing section milled window utilizing a mud motor to power its patented Medusa expandable dual-string casing section-milling technology to successfully abandon a Gulf of Mexico well.  

Abrado successfully section-milled 100 ft of 7 5/8-in. OD casing inside of 10 3/4-in. OD casing, then polished the ID of the 10 3/4-in. casing enabling the operator to set an inflatable packer and place cement above, as a barrier for permanent plug and abandonment of the well. A 4 3/4-in. OD mud motor was utilized to rotate its Medusa expandable dual-string casing section-milling tool allowing for a truly rig-less plug and abandonment successfully avoiding the cost of having a rig on location.

“Combining a mud motor with world leading Medusa section milling technology had never been attempted before and its success on this rig-less P&A project enabled the operator to save an estimated $6 million to $7 million by not having to mobilize a powered swivel or rig for this rig-less operation.” said Jason Parrish Abrado senior V.P. “Additionally Medusa’s small casing swarf chips were left downhole reducing swarf surface handling and swarf management cost."

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