Hexion announces first mobile Permian basin resin coating plant


HOUSTON -- The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Hexion Inc. (Hexion) today announced its new Voyager mobile resin coating service. Initially located in the Permian basin, the innovative Voyager service is the first mobile manufacturing solution that provides in-basin resin coated proppant manufacturing for application in the oil and gas industry.

Hexion is the first company to develop mobile resin coating technology, offering customers efficient manufacturing of resin coated proppants on any substrate.  Manufacturing can occur in any location that offers optimum logistics to the wellsite, even internationally.

Hexion’s mobile plant occupies a small footprint and offers a variety of advantages over a traditional manufacturing facility. Most notable is that the facility is mobile, which enables strategic and efficient placement near transloads and sand mines. With transportation being a major cost associated with the use of proppants, freight costs are significantly reduced by the ability to locate coating capacity in close proximity to areas of high drilling and completions activity.

“This new model allows for better alignment with our customers by unlocking supply chain synergies, resulting in unmatched coating operational efficiency and quicker delivery of resin coated proppants,” said Jerry Kurinsky, senior V.P. and general manager, OTG.  “Ultimately, this translates to cost savings for our customers.”

In addition to being mobile, the Voyager mobile resin coating service is operated with fewer personnel, which further reduces costs. It is also supported by a mobile quality control center to ensure the highest quality standards through systematic monitoring and product testing.

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