Spirit of Colorado applauds defeat of Proposition 112


DENVER -- Spirit of Colorado, an independent expenditure committee tasked with defending Colorado’s economic well-being, tonight delighted in the defeat of Proposition 112, the job-killing “setbacks” measure, which would have ended oil and gas development in Colorado.

“Proposition 112 was the single-worst ballot measure I have seen in all my years as a Coloradan,” said Amy Oliver Cooke, Director of Spirit of Colorado. “A handful of Boulder-based activists, funded by Washington, D.C. fracktivist cash who hate our Colorado spirit and way of life, tried to destroy our state’s economic future with one fell swoop. We are thrilled that Colorado voters recognized the dangers of Proposition 112 and soundly defeated this measure.

“Colorado’s oil and gas industry is more than just an line of business; it’s our families, friends, and neighbors. It’s all of us and one of the most crucial drivers of jobs and economic opportunity that we have. Our state is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, and their development has made our nation far less dependent on energy from foreign, and sometimes, hostile nations.

“We celebrate the men and women who work in and around Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry tonight. They are heroes that work to fuel our 21st century economy and way of life. We will continue to fight for their future and ours when the next battle rears its ugly head.”

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