Customized treatment program increases safety and profitability

October 18, 2018

SOLON, Ohio – Locus Bio-Energy Solutions has introduced a customizable treatment program, AssurEOR line, for use in upstream applications. The new products have shown effective at improving production and safety. The technology was a finalist in the World Oil Awards.

The AssurEOR line is recognized as one of the industry's first treatment programs that offers financial benefits from use. In addition to best-in-class well maintenance, the products increase production and recoverable reserves—leading to improved profitability and the potential for tax benefits. The monetary gains and decreased safety concerns have skyrocketed demand across a multitude of basins, including Appalachia, Powder River and the Permian. Growing awareness has resulted in invitations for Locus Bio-Energy experts to present information on the technology through a variety of forums—from industry events and news articles to award submissions.

"To be successful as an industry, it is crucial that we find solutions which address both growing safety concerns and the rapidly declining production curves, and the AssurEOR products do just that," said Gary West, senior vice president of business development for Locus Bio-Energy.

The AssurEOR line consists of AssurEOR FLOW treatments for paraffin dispersal and wellbore cleaning, and AssurEOR STIM treatments for enhanced oil recovery. All of the products were developed using non-bacterial, microbial-based formulations that are highly potent, yet non-toxic—making them safer alternatives to chemicals that provide even better results. The program utilizes Locus Bio-Energy's unique fermentation process, allowing each treatment to be fully customized to specific regional and well characteristics which maximizes performance. The innovative approach and impressive production increases are gaining national recognition.

"We understand that each well has its own challenges, and our focus at Locus Bio-Energy is to provide safe solutions that are designed for specific well characteristics and improve production for users," said West. "The growing industry recognition, especially from respected organizations like TPH, indicates we've found a disruptive approach that could be a true game-changer for the future of the energy sector."

Prior to treatments, users are encouraged to send well samples to the Locus Bio-Energy lab for product testing and formulation tweaks—optimizing results. The personalized AssurEOR products are currently available for use in the Appalachian, Powder River and Permian basins.

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