TAQA to transform Eider platform, extend the life of North Sea fields

Eider platform. Photo: TAQA.

ABERDEEN -- Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA) is transforming its Eider platform and ensuring continued production from Otter field, as part of its strategy to maximize economic recovery and extend the life of its oil and gas fields in the Northern North Sea (NNS).   

The late-life extension strategy involves converting the TAQA-operated Eider Alpha platform - which is no longer economically viable as a production platform - into a utility platform as part of a wider program designed to extend the life of TAQA’s wider NNS infrastructure in the years ahead.

A bypass project, successfully completed in late 2017, now redirects production from Otter field - which previously produced to Eider - to the TAQA-operated North Cormorant platform. As a result, the life of both Otter field and the North Cormorant platform wells are being extended.

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