Northwest Energy encounters hydrocarbons in Xanadu prospect


WEST PERTH -- Norwest Energy NL, the operator of Permit TP/15 has provided the following update on Xanadu-1 drilling operations.

Xanadu-1 was drilled as a conventional oil exploration well, designed to test for the presence of hydrocarbons in the Xanadu prospect, located offshore in shallow waters, 40 km south of Dongara, Western Australia.

Drilling operations have made excellent progress since the well was spudded on Sept. 4, 2017, and evaluation of the Xanadu prospect is ongoing.

With total depth (TD) reached, it can be confirmed that Xanadu-1 has intersected hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs demonstrated by elevated gas readings, oil shows, fluorescence and cut-fluorescence whilst drilling reservoir sections.

Drilling results provided sufficient encouragement for the TP/15 Joint Venture (JV) to commit to running a wireline logging suite that includes pressure testing and fluid sampling. Logging is expected to commence within the next 24 hr.

In addition to the pending logging program, a 7-in. casing string is currently enroute to site from the north west, so that in the event that logging results are positive, the well will be cased and suspended in preparation for an extended well test, once planning and approvals are complete.

Operations on location have gone exceptionally well, and as a result the JV agreed to extend drilling beyond the base of the High Cliff Sandstone to include the deeper sandstones of the Holmwood Shale, reaching a TD of 2,035 mMDRT (TD previously 1,863 mMDRT) on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017.

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