SEG announces results of 2017-2018 board of directors election


TULSA -- The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) today announced results of its 2017-2018 board of directors election. Robert R. Stewart, who has been a member of the Society for more than 30 years, was selected by a vote of active SEG members to serve as President-Elect for 2017-2018. Following his one-year term as President-Elect, Stewart will assume the office of SEG President following SEG’s 2018 Annual Meeting, scheduled for Oct. 14-19, 2018, in Anaheim, Calif.

Rob Stewart received his B.S. degree in math and physics from the University of Toronto and his PhD in geophysics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has worked in a number of sectors of the geophysics world as an energy company employee (with Chevron’s Oil Field Research Lab in California; ARCO in Dallas; and Chevron Geoscience in Calgary), service company staff member (Veritas Software), small-business owner (GENNIX Technology Inc. and Sonderra, LLC), and nonprofit councilor (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta). Stewart was professor of geophysics at the University of Calgary and co-founded the CREWES Project, a university-industry consortium. In 2008, he joined the University of Houston (UH) as the Cullen Chair in Exploration Geophysics and is director of the Allied Geophysical Laboratories. He has received UH’s Natural Sciences and Mathematics Teaching Excellence and Provost’s Teaching Awards. Stewart is a licensed geoscientist in Alberta (P. Geo.) and Texas (P.G.). He holds fixed-wing and unmanned aircraft certifications. He has published more than 150 articles in geoscience journals and magazines (some 45 in Geophysics, Interpretation, and The Leading Edge).

SEG was Stewart’s first professional home. Through participation in a number of committees and positions, he went on to become SEG’s inaugural Distinguished Educator (presenting courses in 13 countries), to receive the SEG Life Membership Award, and to serve on SEG’s board of directors as First V.P. in 2013–2014. He has developed a number of courses for SEG including: Borehole and Multi-component Seismology, Tomography, and Writing and Presentation for Geophysicists. He is part of the Technical Committee for the 2017 SEG Annual Meeting. Stewart served as president of the Canadian SEG and received its Honorary Membership Award and Medal. He completed service as the First V.P. of the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) and was chair of the GSH’s Spring Symposium in 2015. Stewart directs UH’s geophysical field camps and led the SEG Geoscientists Without Borderssubsurface imaging project in Haiti. He aspires to spend many more years serving SEG, its science, and its membership.

“There are many important directions for SEG to explore and potentially develop: collaborations with other organizations that can benefit our membership, certifications, additional communications, and networks,” Stewart wrote in his position statement in advance of the board of directors election. “Geophysics is an international science and often an ex-pat life. It is our professional home, but also the place of lifelong friendships. I will continue to promote our sense of fellowship, both technical and collegial.”

Also elected to the 2017-2018 SEG board of directors were Alexander Mihai Popovici as Second V.P., Sergey Fomel as V.P. of publications, and Bob Brook and Kenneth M. Tubman as Directors at Large. Biographies and position statements of these newly elected board members are available in the July 2017 issue of The Leading Edge.

Completing the board of directors for 2017–2018 will be nine incumbents from the current board: Nancy House, the current President-Elect who will become President; Madeline Lee, the current Second V.P. who will become First V.P.; Bill Abriel, the current SEG President who will become the Past-President; Lee Bell, who will serve a second year as Treasurer; Rocco Detomo Jr., Vladimir Grechka, Paul Cunningham, and Ruben Martinez who will return as Directors at Large; and Lee Lawyer, who will return as Chair of the SEG Council. The new Board will assume leadership of the Society after the conclusion of SEG’s 2017 Annual Meeting, which takes place Sept. 24-29 in Houston.

In addition to the board of directors election, several districts held elections and the following SEG members have been elected to serve a two-year term as district representatives: Allen Bertagne, District 1; Enders Robinson, District 4; Hector Alfonso, District 6; Dirk Gajewski, District 8; Obi Ifeanyichukwu, District 9; and Kim Frankcombe, District 12.

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