Highlands Natural Resources provides update for East Denver Niobrara project


LONDON -- Highlands, the London-listed natural resources company, has announced that it has successfully drilled and set surface casing in both the Wildhorse 5-64 15-16-1BHZ and Powell 5-64-15-16-1CHZ wells. Completion of surface casing represents an important operational milestone, and Highlands reports smooth operations at East Denver to date. Consistent with the plan and timeline announced on Aug. 11, Highlands is now drilling the remainder of the Powell well, which targets the Niobrara C formation and should reach its final depth in approximately two weeks.


  • Wildhorse spud on Aug. 10
  • Rig subsequently walked to adjacent Powell well
  • Both wells now drilled to approximately 2,100 ft; surface casing has been set and cemented successfully in both wells
  • Highlands now continuing to drill Powell into the Niobrara C formation

Estimated remaining drill-time is approximately two weeks

Additional info:

Drilling operations for the Powell well are expected to continue for approximately two weeks with a targeted Total Depth (TD) of 18,247 ft, representing the total vertical and horizontal distance drilled in the well. Upon reaching TD, the Company will update the market with the results of drilling, including the portion of the horizontal wellbore placed in the Niobrara reservoir, which is a leading indicator of the well’s productive capacity.  

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