Packers Plus, BP Oman achieve unprecedented operational efficiencies in HPHT wells


CALGARY -- Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. has announced recent developments with BP Oman Exploration (Epsilon) Ltd. Collaborations include development of a customized completion system, successful installation and subsequent stimulation of two high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) wells in Oman's Khazzan field. The first well showed encouraging results as the target rate was met after pumping only three of the planned six stages. Other noted benefits include lower fracture initiation pressures and operational efficiency leading to further trials and optimizations for open hole completions going forward.

Having used cased hole plug and perf systems previously, BP Oman wanted to trial an open hole system that would increase near wellbore conductivity, reduce treating pressures and be robust enough to function in temperatures up to 350°F (176°C) and working differential pressures of 15,000 psi (103 mpa). Packers Plus worked on upgrading its field proven StackFRAC Titanium XV openhole ball-drop HPHT system to meet the operator's requirements.

The engineering design, construction, QA/QC program, testing and procurement were accomplished in just over four months, producing customized, corrosion-resistant tools operational at temperature and pressure specifications exceeding those of the wellbore parameters.

Following a successful installation of a six-stage system on the first well, the first three stages were stimulated and the well was flowed back. Initial production from those stages surpassed expectations and prompted BP Oman to forego the remaining three stages in the first well. Best practices from the first installation were transferred to the second completion, leading to significant improvement of installing and stimulating the four-stage open hole multi-stage lower completion.

The effectiveness of the Titanium XV RockSEAL openhole packers for zonal isolation was verified using tracer technology on both wells. Furthermore, the award-winning ePlus Retina monitoring system was used to verify downhole events on both installations. BP Oman is using this innovative monitoring service on their open hole completions work scope to promote operational efficiencies as they further develop Khazzan field in Block 61.

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