Author publishes children’s books, extolling the benefits of oil and gas

May 17, 2017

HOUSTON -- Desideramus Publishing recently published two new children’s books, authored by B. B. Denson. These books try to provide an understandable educational resource to children, regarding the benefits of hydrocarbon energy.

The books comprise a series, and, so far, include the titles, “Gary the Go-Cart: Wind blows,” and “Gary the Go-Cart: Carbon comes out of the closet.” The author’s goal has been to simplify complicated ideas about energy, in ways that younger audiences would be able to grasp, she said. The books were illustrated by Sidnei Marques.

“The Gary the Go-Cart series was written to balance the conversation surrounding energy, and make a difference in the minds of future generations—hopefully, their parents as well,” Denson said. “These books are fictional children’s books, written in poetry with rhyme and cadence. The books are educational too.”

“Carbon comes out of the closet’ shows how carbon dioxide is actually good for the environment, and explains it in a way that is simple enough for a child to understand," she said. “’Wind blows’ details Gary's adventures, as he explores wind energy and compares it to oil and gas. You might be surprised by what he learns.”

The books are currently available on

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