Packers Plus optimizes completions for Montney operator with hybrid cemented technology

April 11, 2017

CALGARY -- Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. has announced the ongoing success of cemented hybrid completions in Canada, using TREX Cemented Diffusor Sleeves and Hydraulic Toe Sleeves in combination with other completion methods. Most recently, Packers Plus completed 16 extended reach lateral wells with 16 lower stages in each well for an operator in Alberta's Deep basin Montney formation.

In this hybrid completion, the Hydraulic Toe Sleeve ensured full opening of the first stage for effective stimulation without intervention. The single point entry Diffusor sleeves were run for the next 15 stages followed by plug-and-perf operations to complete the rest of the well. By running ball-activated Diffusor sleeves at the toe of the well, completion operations were enhanced and simplified, eliminating the risk and time associated with wireline and/or coiled tubing runs.

"As the industry moves towards drilling longer reach laterals it is increasingly challenging to achieve effective stimulation in the deepest part of the lateral," said Packers Plus President, Ian Bryant. "Our cemented hybrid solutions are ideal for optimizing the deepest stages in extended reach laterals, resulting in substantial time savings and risk reduction for the customer."

The Packers Plus Diffusor Sleeve is part of the newly-launched TREX Cemented Product Line, a suite of high-quality technologies used for a variety of applications.

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