Delmar Systems moves into new mooring equipment storage yard in Western Australia


PERTH -- Delmar Systems Pty, LTD has purchased a new mooring equipment storage yard and base facility at Karratha in Western Australia.

The 10,000-m2 yard houses Delmar’s large inventory of offshore mooring equipment, which is available for rent to customers in Australia and beyond. Completely stabilized and fenced, this secure yard has operational offices, workshops and a large area for equipment storage and maintenance operations.The new yard also houses a Shire-approved wash-down facility.

"The addition of this yard to our operation allows us to enhance the service that we provide to our customers in Australia and surrounding areas. Additionally, Delmar offers third party storage services and performs mooring equipment inspection and maintenance in the controlled and protected environment," said Andre Billstein, Delmar’s Perth-based manager.

Delmar Systems Pty, Ltd. has provided complete mooring services in Australia since 2012 and has an engineering and marketing office in Perth in addition to this permanent Karratha base.

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