Archer launches downhole imaging and measurement services


STAVANGER -- Archer, the global oilfield services company, has launched a new generation of SPACE ultrasound imaging and measurement services, which apply ground-breaking ultrasonic techniques – such as phased-array beam-forming – to enable true spatial understanding of the downhole environment.

SPACE Vernier. Image: Archer.

The launch introduces SPACE Vernier, a service designed to maximize well life by measuring the internal and external dimensions of the entire wellbore to generate statistical analysis of localized damage and systemic corrosion. The technology features a unique no contact design, which eliminates the risk of damage to the well tubing.

As part of the launch Archer has released a rebrand and technical upgrade of its original SPACE technology. SPACE Focus (formerly Forward Viewer) can now operate in temperatures of up to 135°C and pressures of up to 7,250 psi. SPACE Panorama (formerly Azimuthal Viewer) is now suitable for 150°C and 15,000 psi environments and is also available in a 2 1/8-in. size, making it suitable for a wider range of downhole applications.

The SPACE range also features a new proprietary, adaptive high-speed telemetry system which, combined with industry-leading digital processing, sets new standards in downhole 3D image quality. The developments will enable operators to more accurately visualize specific well components to identify and measure damage, and therefore make better-informed decisions relating to well maintenance and operations.

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