WellDog launches new shale sweet spot service


LARAMIE, Wyoming -- WellDog has announced the launch of its Shale SweetSpotter service, the first commercial reservoir-evaluation analysis technology specific to unconventional oil and gas, following successful field trials with its industry partner in the Marcellus shale.

WellDog’s downhole technical service uses lasers and detectors to identify the locations where hydrocarbons occur in shale formations, allowing producers to focus development efforts, reduce drilling costs, optimize production, and reduce the number of hydraulic fracturing stages and associated water usage.

The service uses WellDog’s Reservoir Raman System, which was originally developed to find sweet spots in coalbed methane developments.

In 2014, the company began developing new shale-based applications for the technology. Shale SweetSpotter was developed with the target of doubling the number of producing fracs. This is accomplished by using the industry’s only downhole Raman spectrometer to directly identify locations of producible hydrocarbons across the formations.

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