Packers Plus cuts completion costs in Duvernay formation by up to 30%


CALGARY, Alberta -- Packers Plus Energy Services’ StackFRAC Titanium XV HPHT open hole ball drop completion system enabled operators in Alberta's Duvernay formation to achieve cost savings of up to 30% compared to plug-and-perf completion methods.

An operator working in the area ran the Titanium XV system with a monobore design using a Titanium XV SF Cementor stage collar, eliminating the need for intermediate casing and reducing well costs. Further cost reductions were achieved, as the cementing stage collar is hydraulically activated and designed to close without the use of a plug, reducing post-cement clean-out operations and debris. The 20-stage system was completed in less than 60 hours of continuous pumping time. These factors provided the operator with a 30% reduction in completion costs. The operator subsequently chose Packers Plus for additional well completions in the Duvernay.

Packers Plus President Ian Bryant said, "Our completions experience in the Duvernay formation, coupled with the proven track record of the Titanium XV system, has enabled Packers Plus to provide consistent, repeatable operations and improved production results that help operators optimize their jobs and reduce their overall costs."

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