Cyberhawk completes offshore ROAV inspection in North America


LIVINGSTON, Scotland -- Cyberhawk Innovations has completed an offshore remotely operated aerial vehicle (ROAV) inspection in North America for one of the world’s largest oil and gas supermajors. The multiple workscope project was completed over the course of two weeks in Newfoundland, Canada.

The inspection was completed in five productive days. Image: Cyberhawk.

Cyberhawk used ROAVs to inspect the live flare, the platform underdeck and the roof of the giant concrete gravity base, and conduct numerous thermal surveys in order to maximize the mobilization. A back log of complex inspection and survey work was competed whilst the Cyberhawk team was on the platform.

ROAVs were chosen as the preferred method of inspection for this project, primarily to reduce safety risks posed to personnel in the notoriously hazardous, foggy conditions present off the east coast of Canada.

Stringent HSE regulations imposed mean that frequent inspection of offshore assets is required, in order to verify the integrity of the asset and maintain an operating license. Due to the short weather windows available, the speed of ROAV inspection and the ability to capture large amounts of data in a short time presented a significant advantage.

Malcolm Connolly, technical director and founder of Cyberhawk, was part of the team mobilized back in August 2015.

“Carrying out the underdeck inspection workscope alone would have taken weeks of complex overside work for a rope access team, or months for scaffolding to be erected. Add to that the challenging weather conditions on the Grand Banks and this would realistically have resulted in an inspection campaign spanning over the whole summer,” Connolly said.

“Although the ROAV is able to operate safely in 30kts of wind, during this project we were only able to fly on five out of 15 days due to either fog or gale force winds. The number of areas that were inspected in five productive days proves the speed and efficiency of ROAV inspection,” he added.

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