MicroSeismic announces world’s longest-installed active BuriedArray


HOUSTON -- MicroSeismic has achieved the longest-installed active, permanent, near-surface array in the world. This BuriedArray was installed to monitor completions in the Haynesville formation in Louisiana and includes 99 stations covering 15 square miles.

The BuriedArray was installed to monitor completions in the Haynesville formation in 2010. Image: MicroSeismic.

Installed in 2010, the BuriedArray is still active and has monitored hydraulic fracturing operations for three different E&P companies, totaling 10 wells and 129 treatment stages monitored to date. Currently, the system is owned and operated by Sabine Oil & Gas to monitor and evaluate refracturing activities for multiple wells.

“With cost-saving initiatives driving our current strategies, it is advantageous for Sabine that our recent Haynesville acquisition includes a BuriedArray, which made the property even more attractive. We are using microseismic analysis provided from the BuriedArray to evaluate new refracturing methods and confirm the most profitable refracturing strategy going forward,” said Cheryl Levesque, senior V.P., Asset Development, Sabine Oil and Gas.

 “We’re proud that this particular BuriedArray has been helpful to multiple E&P companies and continues, five years after installation, to help these partners understand reservoir treatment effectiveness. This is a perfect illustration of our vision for the BuriedArray, to act as a cost-efficient, life-of-field monitoring system that can conveniently be activated at any time with very little cost or effort,” said Randy Evans, V.P. of operations, MicroSeismic.

To date, MicroSeismic has installed over 50 BuriedArray systems, monitoring more than 15,000 stages for 230 wells on 2 continents. When used to monitor multiple wells and pads, the BuriedArray reduces microseismic monitoring to just a few thousand dollars per stage, realizing an excellent return on investment over the life of the asset.

MicroSeismic’s BuriedArray data acquisition system deploys a permanent array of multiple custom-designed geophone strings installed near surface and spread across a wide area to monitor a reservoir during hydraulic fracturing and refracturing operations or to monitor induced seismicity. Unlike single-deployment arrays, the human effort required to run the system is minimal. This makes BuriedArray the most cost-effective method available for long-term microseismic monitoring, typically half the cost of installing equivalent monitoring capabilities in single-deployment arrays.

Once installed, the system shows how fractures are propagating during the treatment of each well to improve productivity and treatment efficiency using patented PSETtechnology. Powered by battery, solar and wind sources, BuriedArray is able to run 24/7 and can easily switch on or off. The system is fully customizable and can be built to monitor areas as large as 500 square miles. 

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