MicroSeismic engaged for seismicity monitoring program in British Columbia


HOUSTON – MicroSeismic has been engaged by a major drilling operator in British Columbia to help strengthen its seismicity monitoring (SM) program.

Despite the fact that it is not mandated, the operator is proactively using MicroSeismic’s SM system to monitor an injection well. This array is specifically designed for real-time event detection and SM applications.

MicroSeismic’s SM technology is custom built to provide real-time analysis with early warning alerts that integrate with operators’ risk mitigation workflows. This particular array consists of six stations surrounding a single injection well. Each station streams data continuously, while monitoring combines weekly and monthly updates as well as warning alerts.

Seismicity monitoring plays an important role in hydraulic fracturing and fluid injection because it allows the operator to establish a baseline for naturally occurring seismicity prior to startup. These results can then be compared with low level seismicity during and after the treatment. Additionally, alerts can immediately be sent to the operator so injection can be halted in the case of induced seismicity.

Terry Jbeili, COO, MicroSeismic stated, “MicroSeismic’s SM system is based on its BuriedArray service which has been deployed on projects spanning over 1,000 sq mi, under a variety of terrains worldwide.”

MicroSeismic is also monitoring for seismicity in other areas of British Columbia and has completed several SM projects in Alberta since 2013. With the recent change in regulations in parts of Alberta, MicroSeismic is poised to offer cost effective solutions for clients in these affected areas.  MicroSeismic has monitored seismicity for injection wells, gas storage facilities and hydraulic fracturing globally since 2004.

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