July 2021 ///


Opinion: Council says heat wave underscores need for smart energy policy

Tim Tarpley, Energy Workforce & Technology Council

The threat of lost power—and the accompanying stress and angst—are the result of energy policy decisions unmoored to reality. A sensible and realistic energy plan would acknowledge not only the need for reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but also improving the affordability, reliability and resilience of our nation’s electric grid.

Analytics drive operational excellence for business and digital transformation

Jared Hartness, GE Digital

Sustainable analytics-driven operational excellence programs can help companies to align business objectives and strategies to balance priorities and manage risks, while helping to achieve digital transformation goals.

Special Focus

Implementation of Hydraulic Completion Units (HCUs) in the Permian basin: A new innovative completion technology

Benjamin Krane, Matthew DeFriend, Heberto Garza, Chevron; Joseph Frantz, Jr., Matt Tourigny, Jared Griffith, Deep Well Services

HCUs have improved the drill-out metrics in high-pressure and extended-lateral wells since entering the Permian in 2019. With increasing well complexity, operators began using this new HCU technology as a safe, viable way to complete Midland and Delaware basin wells.