February 2021 ///

Special Focus


Geostatistical inversion transforms subsurface understanding across the Americas

Graham Spence, Bertrand Six, Mark Letizia, Ekaterina Kneller, CGG

Four recent case studies document how an advanced seismic inversion workflow, which integrates geoscience data, enables operators to enhance their reservoir characterization interpretation.

ShaleTech Report: Tuning unconventional reservoir performance with geoscience-guided completion strategies

Robert Laronga, Edgar Velez, Elia Haddad, Casey R. Chadwick, Schlumberger

As operating efficiencies near a plateau in North American shale basins, a renewed focus on geoscience offers new strategies to further lower total cost/bbl. Selective application of measurements to provide visibility on reservoir variability encountered in laterals improves decision-making to maximize ROI on completion spend.