August 2019 ///

Special Focus

Offshore advances: Overcoming the insurmountable

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

Innovation tackles a wide array of technical challenges, particularly for the deepwater sector.

Digital twin technology lowers offshore inspection costs

Kenneth Bhalla, Stress Engineering Services

The predictive capabilities of a life-cycle condition-based maintenance and monitoring program benefits drilling contractors and operators by lowering overall costs, reducing risks and enabling greater efficiency managing assets.

Pre-pressurization technique expanding application of flexible flowlines into deepwater environments

Mostafa Tantawi, Xodus Group

Flexible flowlines are a competitive alternative to rigid pipelines, due to optimized installation procedures and inherent corrosion-resistant-compliant materials. Further cost reductions are being realized through ongoing improvements in design methodologies and updated analysis tools.


Innovation continues to pull Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore sector forward

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Activity may pick up to near-record levels in the next several years, as the province continues to encourage technical innovation.

Oil majors reluctant to place bets on aging North Sea, as output descends

Emily Querubin, World Oil

Since the 1960s, the North Sea has remained a highly sought-after region for oil and gas E&P.

HPHT expandable liner hanger designed for superior pressure integrity

Edward Royer, Robert Turney, TIW, A Dril-Quip Company

As operators search for reserves in challenging HPHT environments, new technology is required to support these projects. An innovative expandable liner hanger, which offers a gas-tight metal-to-metal sealing system, is capable of superior hanging capacity for installing casing strings of various lengths.

Innovation leads to step-change in well completion efficiency

Reggie Boggs, Weatherford

Technology advancements in sand control lower the total cost of ownership of well completions.

Eagle Ford/Austin Chalk Shales: High returns fail to stave off summer retreat

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

The caliche roads cutting through the blackbrush and mesquite of the South Texas brush country are a bit less congested of late, as Eagle Ford drilling and completion activity dips in what is ranked among the most profitable of the unconventional plays.

Establishing tertiary EOR operations in unconventional plays

Gary Covatch, Joseph Renk, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Two federally-funded projects in the Bakken and Eagle Ford shales strive to improve recovery efficiency in unconventional plays while accelerating their development and generating high-quality data.

Taking the heat and enduring the pressure

Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services

Completion system capabilities continue to advance, as the industry targets deeper formations in developing unconventional plays.


First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

It’s wait and see on UK’s Johnson

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

“Boldly” missing from today’s oilfield vernacular

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Catching up with the times

What's new in production

Don Francis, Contributing Editor

What is a well?

Oil and gas in the capitals

Jacques Sapir, Contributing Editor

Russia’s current account, the oil market and the ruble

Executive viewpoint

Senator Ted Cruz, U.S. Senate

Texas – and America – benefit from our energy renaissance

The last barrel

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Patience is a virtue

News & Resources

World of oil and gas

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Eni has completed drilling on Agogo-2, the first appraisal well of the Agogo discovery in Block 15/06, offshore Angola.

Industry at a glance

Craig Fleming, World Oil

Crude benchmarks remained relatively steady in July, despite escalating political tension in the Persian Gulf and the resumption of talks aimed to resolve a trade dispute between the U.S. and China, which could spark increased demand.

People in the industry

Emily Querubin, World Oil

Donald Mosing—son of Frank Mosing, founder of oilfield service company Frank’s International—passed away in late May, in Lafayette, La.

Companies in the news

Emily Querubin, World Oil

KCA Deutag’s land drilling operation has won three new contracts in Russia, worth approximately $168 million.

New products and services

Emily Querubin, World Oil

Varel Oil and Gas has designed a new PDC directional drill bit with accurate, predictive simulation software to target what directional companies and operators need most—consistent, controllable bits in the curve.