March 2017
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New products and services

New products and services
Emily Querubin / World Oil

Dissolvable bridge plug eliminates need to drill, mill

VERTECHS WIZARD dissolvable bridge plugs have been run successfully in a major shale gas project in southwestern China. According to Vertechs Oil & Gas Technology Co., the plugs closed up a 21-stage frac in a horizontal well, at a TD of 5,000 m. The bridge plug reportedly does not compromise the needed pressure integrity for isolation at up to 250°F. It achieves a 10,000-psi pressure test, with no need to drill or mill the plug. Unlike conventional, composite bridge plug, PnP operations, the cost and rig time for milling-out is not required, and the related risks are avoided. According to Vertechs, a well is completed with a full-bore access, at a lower cost and in less time, using this dissolvable bridge plug. In the flow-back stage, no dissolvable bridge play components or debris were observed or reported. Image: Vertechs Oil & Gas Technology Co.

Gas imaging camera detects invisible hydrocarbon gas emissions

A new optical gas imaging (OGI) camera, designed for use in potentially explosive environments, has been released by FLIR Systems, Inc. The FLIR GFx320 camera detects invisible hydrocarbon gas emissions, such as methane, and common volatile organic compounds found at oil and gas facilities. It is attuned to measure temperature, allowing users to achieve optimal thermal contrast between a gas compound and its background. Instead of scanning for fugutive and non-fugutive gas emissions from outside hazardous areas, workers can assess potential risks from afar, and, once the area is deemed safe, enter with the camera to continue scanning. The OGI camera is certified and recognized by the International Electrotechnical Commission as intrinsically safe, explosion-protected equipment. It also is verified to meet sensitivity standards defined in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s methane rule, and labels each recording with GPS data, meeting additional regulatory requirements for reporting. Image: FLIR Systems, Inc.

EVP coating provides added protection under harsh conditions

Cortec’s VpCI-368 EVP coating now includes extra vapor phase corrosion inhibitors, providing added protection to metal substrates exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. The viscous liquid dries, forming a firm, moisture-displacing film that can be removed by mineral spirits or alkaline cleaners. The wax-like film can be used for various applications, where heavy-duty corrosion protection is needed, such as pipe coating, underbody coating, wire rope, steel plates or machined parts. It is UV resistant and passes 900 to 1,500 hr of ASTM B-117 intense salt spray testing and is heat stable up to 392°F. Image: Cortec.

Wireless lighting system enhances diver safety and efficiency

A new wireless lighting system has been launched, from WFS Technologies and PhotoSynergy Ltd.  Seatooth LIGHTPATH is a combination of WFS’s Seatooth, a subsea wireless communication system that can remotely download and log information on subsea installations, and PhotoSynergy’s LIGHTPATH, a side-emitting, flexible fibre that projects a continuous line of light, which carries no electrical power. The product was developed to enhance diver safety and efficiency in subsea locations, and works for both diver and ROV operators working near the surface, or at depths of up to 3,000 m. The light is engaged automatically, when the diver or ROV comes within 5 m of a structure.

Liner hanger system saves 1.5 hr of time per well

Packers Plus Energy Services has launched the PrimeSET liner hanger system. The technology aims to ensure reliability and performance through the use of anti-pre-set features, and has installed and completed more than 15 wells throughout the U.S. Using premium sealing technology to pack-off the annulus and secure the liner in intermediate casing, the hanger can be used in both cemented and open-hole applications. The tool also includes a balanced piston, which prevents pre-setting while running in hole, enabling the system to reach planned depths. According to Packers Plus, the system saves 1.5 hr of operational time per well, rivalling traditional systems.

Subsea safety system improves critical well control

Halliburton has released the Dash Large Bore Subsea Safety System, providing full electrohydraulic control of well safety and intervention functions. The system improves critical well control of the subsea safety system, tubing hanger and deepwater subsea field developments. According to Halliburton, it can isolate the lower landing string in as little as 6 sec, and can disconnect from the lower landing string in a as little as 10 sec. Additionally, it provides downhole data for greater confidence when making decisions. Through the system’s dual functionality, the need for alternative measures during operation is eliminated, reducing rig time significantly.

Frac plug utilizes high-strength composite components

TEAM Oil Tools has developed the TOMCAT fully composite frac plug, an addition to the company’s TOMCAT product line. The frac plug utilizes high-strength composite components, providing a durable and cost-effective design for zonal isolation during multi-stage completions. Constructed using machined composite material with composite upper and lower slips, the plug is compact in length with zero metal components. Additionally, it includes pump-down kits that allow runs of more than 500 ft/min. Its specialized design features ceramic buttons that do not cause damage during plug drill-outs. Image: TEAM Oil Tools.

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