Proven technologies match hookloads with ideal ultra-deepwater well designs ///

Technologies incorporated in Huisman’s dual multi-purpose drilling tower (DMPT) allow operators to land heavy casing strings and optimize the design of wells targeting deep horizons. The continual development of the Gulf of Mexico’s Lower Tertiary Trend, and similarly deep and less understood ultra-deepwater horizons has stretched the limits of current drillships. Indeed, with often salt-canopied targets lying more than 30,000 ft TD below the mud line, the most efficient well design typically involves the landing of large-diameter casing deeper into the formation, thereby providing a more accessible conduit for installing submersible pumps and conducting post-completion intervention. However, the daunting combination of ultra-deep water depths and heavyweight casing strings may require hookloads well beyond the capacities of contemporary drillships. Operators, therefore, are left with no choice, but to compromise optimal well designs to accommodate the prevailing hookload restrictions.

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