First oil ///

“The quickest way—the only way—stop drilling! When the world has more of a product than it knows what do with—stop producing it. Producing light oil at $1.75, and napthene base crude at $1, isn’t adding to the bank accounts in the same ratio as $3.50 and $3 did.”—Editor Ray L. Dudley, The Oil Weekly, June 11, 1921. World Oil will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016. We plan to include, in each of the first six monthly issues, a special section covering a different period of our history, culminating in the 100th anniversary issue in July 2016. I have responsibility for the “Early Years” (1916-1938). It has been a fascinating task to go back in time, flipping through vintage issues of what was originally The Gulf Coast Oil News (1916-April 1918), which then became The Oil Weekly (April 1918-July 1947), and finally, World Oil since July 1947. Throughout this period, and until his death in 1957, Ray L. Dudley was the founder-editor and then publisher. His role as a passionate advocate for our industry is evident from the quote at the beginning of this editorial.

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