Shale gas: Industry revolution or public revolt? ///

The energy landscape has witnessed a revolution over the last decade. Shale gas exploration and production has played an increased role on the global stage, and the energy market has been transformed. Whereas conventional oil and gas were once dominant, shale has been the center of discussion as an energy source with proven commercial potential, but also of much public controversy. The story of shale gas drives much debate, as it is viewed quite differently, depending on the community. For some, it is an energy bonanza for commercial growth. For others, it is a source of serious concern regarding its environmental impact. On the one hand, the U.S. industry has experienced a new era of growth, where technology has helped companies to produce cheaper energy and reduce environmental impact. On the other hand, governments in Europe are embroiled in political differences, and face public outrage over how shale gas is extracted, and its effect on the community. A clearer strategy is needed to help all parties resolve their differences.

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