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Sercel’s Nomad 90 Neo includes a long mass stroke, a heavy mass, and high hydraulic pressures. It features 90,000-lbf hydraulic peak force and a stiff baseplate. This design allows it to improve high-frequency signal fidelity and generate high-quality, low-frequency sweeps. The Nomad 90 Neo has a low full-drive start frequency (4.4Hz at 62,000lbf, 5Hz at 80,000 lbf), as well as a lower center of gravity and smaller dimensions, which improve maneuverability and accessibility. Many of the vibrator’s components are also cross-compatible with those of the Nomad 65 Neo, to offer flexibility in spare parts management. It is equipped with Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which automatically manages engine speed, reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%, while minimizing noise and exhaust emissions.

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