April 2015
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New products and services

New products and services
Steven McGinn / World Oil

New service evaluates casing and cement 

Weatherford’s SecureView casing and cement evaluation service is a combination of downhole tools that assess, and monitor, casing and cement quality on a single trip. The service is comprised of the UltraView ultrasonic radial-scanner tool, the CalView multi-sensor-caliper tool, the FluxView magnetic-flux leakage tool, and the BondView cement-bond tool. Weatherford says the service minimizes NPT, and enhances data quality, by delivering a complementary and independent set of measurements that facilitate LQC, data confidence, and a comprehensive analysis by the interpreter. 


Service improves hydraulic fracturing recovery

Baker Hughes has announced the commercial release of its REAL Connect service. The service’s diverter systems redirect frac fluid flow to the untreated perforation sets within a stage to increase fracture network complexity, and provide more uniform coverage. Once the stimulation treatment is complete, and the diverter materials dissolve, ultra-lightweight proppant material remains in the near-wellbore for long-lasting production flow paths.  The service helped an operator in De Soto Parish, La., rejuvenate several mature wells that were reaching the low end of the production curve, enabling the operator to refracture the lateral sections with greater effect, without drilling new wells. The service can also accelerate fracturing operations by reducing the number of required plugs for more efficient, horizontal, multi-stage refracturing treatments. 


Integrated perforating system blasts through rock

Guardian’s Ballistics Delivery System offers a simplistic, yet advanced, perforating system. It includes all the tools required to place a gun string in the well, from the cable head to the detonator, as well as all safety functions. The self-configuring, Multi-Purpose Panel combines an acquisition system, perforating power supply and telemetry panel into a compact package, while the Select Fire Switch further enhances safety. The switch features break-off tabs and an optional temperature switch, preventing operation below 170°F.


Penetrant spray helps stuck threads

Encore Industrial has released an innovative rebuilding penetrant, for situations where damaged threads hinder disassembly of metal equipment, such as drill pipe. Spin-Off spray formula uses nano-particles to penetrate, using no heating or no drilling mechanism. 


New line of rugged pressure switches available

Winters Instruments has launched a complete line of industrial pressure switches: 2WPS, 3WPS, 4WPS & 9WPS. The industrial pressure switches offer a wide variety of ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi, with wetted parts material options to fit multiple applications. Their rugged construction meets NEMA 4, 4X, 7 or 9 ratings for the harshest environments, and they have a high tolerance to shock and vibration. Winters industrial pressure switches meet NACE standards for sour gas service, and are CRN registered for Canada.


Linear sensors offer detection for HP, subsea hydraulic cylinders

Alliance Sensors Group has introduced the SS-7 series LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) for E&P applications in subsea environments, up to 5,200 psi or 12,000-ft depths. The SS-7 is designed to be embedded into a hydraulic cylinder, using a gun-drilled piston rod as a target, and senses its position without the need for a magnet. The SS-7 series can be submerged to a depth of 12,000 ft, or installed in a PBOF (pressure-balanced, oil-filled) chamber to provide position feedback on BOPs, ROVs and relief valves. Features include 316 stainless steel 25-mm diameter housing, and measurements ranging from 1 in. to 24 in. The SS-7 is contactless, uses DC voltage or current analog output, and has SenSet field-adjustable scaling.


M/LWD service operates in HPHT conditions

Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton business line, has released its Quasar Pulse Service, an M/LWD service capable of operating in harsh environments up to 392°F and 25,000 psi. Quasar can deliver accurate and reliable directional, gamma ray, PWD and vibration data for precise wellbore placement in high temperature and pressure zones. The service allows access to reserves that conventional tools cannot reach and can eliminate the need for mud chillers and “staging” to cool down tools, saving valuable rig time and improving efficiency. Quasar Pulse Service includes 43/4-in. and 63/4-in. size tools, allowing it to perform in wellbores up to 97/8 in. in diameter. The Quasar Pulse Service has more than 50 successful runs and nearly 90,000 ft drilled. 


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