May 2014
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New products and services

New products and services
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Multi-layer bed boundary detection technology improves well placement

Schlumberger has commercialized the PeriScope HD multi-layer bed boundary detection service. The technology accurately detects multiple formation layers, orientation of approaching beds and fluid boundary positions to enable advanced well placement services in clastic and carbonate fields. The service uses a combination of inversion models, with additional azimuthal measurements, to provide precise delineation of formation bed boundaries for advanced well placement and accurate definition of multiple productive layers. This real-time technology leads to better understanding of how formations are deposited, which enables geoscientists to position future wells for improved production. The PeriScope HD service has been tested in reservoirs in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America, as well as in thinly layered reservoirs in North America.

Model design addresses offshore pipeline coating performance

Bredero Shaw, the largest division of ShawCor Ltd., has implemented its Complete Coating Assurance model, an offshore pipeline coating model designed to ensure successful performance throughout the project. Addressing every stage of a project’s lifecycle, from concept and pre-FEED to commissioning, the model offers complete control over the six elements that result in fully integrated coating interfaces throughout installation, including: engineering services, pipe and joint coating design, coating system validation, logistics management, pipe coating application, and field joint coating. At R&D centers in Canada and Norway, the company tests material science capabilities and develops new concepts for coatings, moldings and castings.

Global, risk-based shale development verification service launched

DNV GL has launched an independent verification service based on the provisions of its Recommended Practice for risk management of shale gas developments and operations (RP), regulatory requirements, and other publicly available standards. The new service will be used as a tool to help assure stakeholders that an independent assessment can assist in preventing incidents, reducing operational costs and limiting the environmental footprint of shale gas developments. Best practices measured in the assessment process include environmental; occupational and process safety; human factors; well integrity; and other elements that may help address the low-probability, high-consequence incidents under review today. DNV GL’s verification protocol will issue a conformance statement for all or part of the RP provisions, as well as applicable, publicly available standards and regulations.

Drilling solutions service optimizes design, placement

Halliburton has launched its Drilling Engineering Solutions (DES) service. As drilling complexities increase, the need for comprehensive solutions continues to grow. DES provides fully integrated, custom-engineered solutions to optimize well design and placement—from high-volume wells to complex environments. DES combines expertise and experience across multiple Halliburton product service lines—Sperry Drilling, Baroid, and Halliburton Drill Bits and Services—and is powered by Landmark Software. The DrillingXpert proprietary solution, delivery platform allows DES teams to design an entire performance drilling system on a single platform. The platform is built on Landmark’s DecisionSpace Well Engineering software and the Engineer’s Data Model (EDM) application.

Subsea connector withstands hazardous operating conditions

With ever-increasing requirements for connectors to operate in hazardous environments, and given that many applications now require quick and safe disconnection of connectors to be used in these environments, SEA CON has developed a new, robust range of Exd connectors, to be released soon. The EX-MATE is based around the company’s existing SEA-MATE connector range, and is, therefore, fully wet-mateable and suitable for use in explosive environments. This new range will be available in four shell sizes (G, K, L, M) with two to 37 contact configurations, and, like the SEA-MATE range, this series has interchangeable inserts that can be adapted to a number of pin configurations. The EX-MATE incorporates an Atex-approved gland system for the cable, which is encapsulated within the overmold, making it suitable for a number of applicable environments.

Joint integrity specialist offers new sizes of boring bar machining solution

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight has added to its range of tools the 2250P boring bar, which can cover a range of diameters from 2.5 in. to 24 in., with lengths of up to 12 ft. Many of the design and performance elements of the 2250P were inspired by the larger-capacity, field-proven Hydratight 8200 series machines. The new boring bar is available with bar lengths starting at 4 ft, up to 12 ft, with ½-in. broached tooling holes every 6 in. The bar is centered within a bore, using the available rapid traverse centering cones, which quickly align the bar and bore. Final precision radial adjustment can be made, up to 0.25 in., using the available jacking bolts within the support assembly. The tool’s end supports have also been designed with multiple mount options, and each support is fitted with a spherical bearing allowing for up to 5° of bar alignment.

VFD-rated electric motor for frac pumps introduced

Ward Leonard CT LLC has introduced its new line of VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)-rated, AC induction, electric motors, designed to power pumps at frac spreads, as a diesel engine replacement. These rugged, reliable, 2,000-to-6,000-hp electric motors offer continuous duty operation and are designed for use with a medium-voltage VFD. The results are improved overall efficiency in a smaller footprint, as compared to diesel engines and other electrical motor options. Ward Leonard is working with a company pioneering the development of an electric frac spread, as well as a number of other companies that are pursuing the transition from diesel engines to electric motors. All products are backed by Ward Leonard MotorCare, a dedicated lifecycle management program.


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