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Proppant flowback remedial treatment brings dead well back to life

An Egyptian oil well was shut in after only three days, when solids production destroyed the production pump. Treated with a new aqueous-based consolidation and proppant flowback control (CPFC) system, the well resumed solids-free production until it was depleted.


4D seismic drives development geosciences for continued success of Forties field infill drilling

In the UK North Sea Forties field, Apache has drilled 100 infield targets with an overall success rate of 74%. As a result, field production has been held at a plateau of 60,000 bopd, increasing from an average 41,000 bopd in 2003.

Can performance-based safety processes prevent offshore oil spills?

Ever since recovery of the blowout preventer, discussion on the Macondo accident’s root causes has continued. The equipment essentially operated as designed, so was the incident a procedural problem, or a series of unimaginable failures? Was it predictable?

Drilling with casing cuts top-hole time, sets length record

Drilling with casing in Australia’s Carnarvon basin saved 24 hours of rig time by drilling, casing and cementing the top-hole section to total depth in a single trip.

High-resolution LWD imaging provides fresh insights into offshore Angola’s Pinda reservoir

New techniques for acquiring and interpreting the LWD imaging data revealed a complex sedimentological architecture.

Integrated wellsite petrography solution proved by onshore test in Papua New Guinea

A drilling project in remote Papua New Guinea utilized a mobile, ruggedized workflow solution for advanced mudlogging to provide near real-time data from drill cuttings, allowing on-site interpretation.

Woodford growing revenues by farming to oily shale

For North American shale operators, the latest cash crops are oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and condensates, due to the high price disparity between dry natural gas and liquids.


Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Double whammy tightens Australian oilfield labor woes

Editorial comment

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

Build a better mousetrap, but don’t forget the cheese

Executive Viewpoint

Douglas Polk, Vallourec

Value of brick and mortar (and steel)

Innovative thinkers

Nell Lukosavich, World Oil

NASA’s Johnson Space Center:
Underwater think tank

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Jacques Sapir, Contributing Editor

Russia ponders its East Asian dream

What’s new in exploration

Nina Rach, Contributing Editor

IAGC study: Marine EM surveys have minimal environmental impact

What's new in production

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

New deep sea safety tools—solving a failure to communicate

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Statoil granted exploration licenses offshore Canada and Indonesia


Energy Issues

Eyewitness view of putting out Kuwaiti oil fires. In the October 2011 issue, I wrote of the dramatic and highly effective efforts of a group of oilfield professionals to put out the raging fires in Kuwait set by the Iraqi army as it retreated from the country in the first Gulf War. Much to my delight, one of those professionals wrote me and provided more details on the magnificent effort.