Drilling advances

It is an anomaly that has afflicted mankind for ages. Clearly, something in our genes hotwires us to rail against anything that we see even remotely infringing upon our inner sanctums, no matter how essential the product of that perceived disruption is to sustaining our way of life. It’s not that hard a stretch to imagine some prehistoric fellow protesting a club maker whose primeval shop interrupts part of his view of the valley. As operators in much of the Marcellus shale and offshore California can well attest, this “not-in-my-backyard,” or NIMBY, peculiarity is as acute as ever. Now, however, NIMBYism has reached an entirely new dimension as US politicos and regulators attempt to tell a sovereign nation, albeit one with a fabulously checkered record as a responsible member of the world community, how to manage its own natural resources.

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