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M-I Swaco’s MD-3 triple-decker shaker offers a combination of high efficiency, flexibility and space optimization. Changing drilling conditions require immediate and flexible solids control solutions. At the same time, environmental restrictions demand up-to-date compliance. High drilling costs necessitate the recovery of expensive base fluids. In addition, offshore and some onshore locations have limited space available. The MD-3 shale shaker is a small-footprint, high-efficiency solids control option adaptable to changing drilling conditions. The system generates drier cuttings than other shale shakers at reduced volumes, cutting the environmental footprint and associated costs. The shaker features progressive and balanced modes of elliptical motion. The feeder assembly presents fluid to the scalping screens as a uniform, low-impact curtain. The feeder can be configured easily into a variety of connection points for installations with limited space. The system’s high-capacity operating mode provides increased capacity and conveyance rate, while the efficiency operating mode increases fluid recovery, discard dryness and screen life. With vibratory motion drive in two modes (6.3 and 7.2 Gs), it produces an extremely dry cuttings discharge, resulting in high separation efficiency. The operating modes can be switched while the shaker is in motion. The MD-3 is constructed of heavy-gauge carbon steel and 316-L stainless steel on high-wear areas to reduce maintenance costs and ensure long service life. The fluid distribution is designed to utilize all available screen area, regardless of drilling conditions. A fume-extraction hood reduces operator exposure to vapors associated with drilling fluids and prevents fluid splashing outside the shaker boundaries. The standard spray bar assists conveyance of heavy and/or sticky solids on the scalping deck during various formations.

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