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Special Focus

Combined microseismic mapping and fiber-optic sensing assess fracture effectiveness in the Barnett shale

Using both analysis tools allowed the operator to determine how near-wellbore conditions influenced the overall fracture geometry. 

Hybrid measurements improve reliability in gas storage application

A combination of electrical and optical systems was used to monitor underground gas storage facilities in Italy.


Digital rock physics analysis in complex carbonates

Using CT scanners and specialized image processing, a pilot project delivered accurate special core analysis in about an eighth of the time required for physical test results.

Multidisciplinary reservoir applications featured at EAGE 2011

This year’s annual conference of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, incorporating the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ annual Europec event, will introduce a new conference forum and will debut the first in a new series of joint EAGE-SPE workshops focusing on advanced reservoir applications.

Need Drives Advances

Deepwater operators tend to follow the best-proven methods to accomplish their goals.

NOCs evolving as their reach continues to grow

National oil companies (NOCs) now control access to most of the world’s hydrocarbon resources.

What’s new in artificial lift

Recent developments are introduced in beam/rod pumping, electrical submersible pumping, gas lift, gas well dewatering and artificial lift monitoring.


Drilling advances

What more will it take to get their attention?

Editorial comment

High noon at the energy corral

Innovative thinkers

Keith Mosing: Building an oilfield empire the old-fashioned way

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Oil and gas subsidies in perspective

What’s new in exploration

Underutilized EM technologies become more adaptable, affordable

What's new in production

The hydrocarbon blip

World of Oil and Gas

US to extend regulations to offshore contractors

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Need Drives Advances

Deepwater operators tend to follow the best-proven methods to accomplish their goals.