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After more than a year’s absence, I am back in the column-writing game. My thanks to World Oil for making it possible. There is another game I am in, and I want to get you in it too. It’s called the “giving back” game. It’s rewarding and it’s not hard to play. But, first, a bit of background. You cannot have missed the beating our industry is taking in these economically demanding times, and in fact has taken for the 40-plus years I have been involved in this industry. High oil prices are everyone’s whipping boy, and “Big Oil” is the globe’s villain. We are the prime targets of the press, politicians and most of the public. No matter that our industry has never sold a drop of anything that someone did not want, or need, to purchase. Never mind that our entire economic and social fabric is built, primarily, on abundant and relatively inexpensive fossil fuels. The sad fact is that we have not made a dent in these misperceptions. Many will argue that we have not tried hard enough. That may be. But there is also good indication that our efforts have been aimed at the wrong people.

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