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Special Focus

A difficult HPHT well drilled using real-time ECD modeling, diagnosis

Drilling experience with a small pressure window demonstrated the usefulness of ECD control and early kick detection.

Fluid density refines MPD use in difficult wells

Findings suggest that temperature’s effect on annular pressure substantially impacts the ability to precisely estimate the static and dynamic fluid densities.


Cost-effective solutions to enhance SCR performance for deepwater field development

Studies show the importance of an integrated design approach for a deep-draft semisubmersible and subsea wells tied back with steel catenary risers.

Developing US Shale Plays:Marcellus—Arrival of IOCs and increasing legislative interest signal critical mass for Marcellus

The Appalachian shale gas play has attracted majors hunting for elephants and government entities seeking tax revenues and political gains.

Developing US Shale Plays: Marcellus—Economics of Marcellus Shale well and fracture design completions

Evaluations were performed to find the most cost-efficient well configuration.

Developing US Shale Plays: Marcellus—Marcellus development shows the seeds of a new gas paradigm

Marcellus development shows the seeds of a new gas paradigm Stephen Bull, Commercial  Leader, Statoil ASA In November 2008, Statoil and Chesapeake Energy Corporation announced their $3.375 billion strategic

Integrating time-lapse seismic, reservoir simulation and geomechanics

Co-visualizing different models of the subsurface enables an understanding of the producing reservoirs that could not be achieved when using these models individually.

Underbalanced plug milling with coiled tubing: An engineered approach

A 60-well field study provides a means of optimizing common operations and minimizing nitrogen use, risks of becoming stuck and time on location—all adding up to more cost-effective jobs.

What’s new in artificial lift

Part 1—Introducing developments in natural gas well dewatering.


Drilling advances

Is Davy Jones a good, or bad, pill?


Editorial comment

Oilfield solutions to geothermal challenges

Exploration discoveries

Monthly updates of exploration discoveries throughout the globe.

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Venezuela’s heavy oil woos amid electricity woes

What’s new in exploration

What value VSP?

What's new in production

Beyond unconventional: Unlocking the gas potential of hydrates


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Crude oil prices fell to six-week lows by early February, after warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere, negative macroeconomic news and sudden strength in the dollar set in motion a $12/bbl slide.

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Petrobras makes sizeable oil find in Campos Basin