Bit and BHA vibrations overcome ///

Stick-slip and whirl are vibrational problems that limit drilling performance in hard formations and extended reach wells. When these vibrations are present, adding roller reamers to the drillstring can significantly reduce their severity and improve performance. Whirl is characterized by lateral vibration at the bit and in the BHA. When whirl becomes severe, lateral vibrations cause significant side forces in stabilizers. Frictional drag then causes high torque levels at the stabilizers, which can result in stick-slip (fluctuations in BHA rotational speed). This is referred to as “coupled stick-slip.” When these conditions exist, the replacement of stabilizers with roller reamers reduces torque generation at the contact points. Consequently, more torque becomes available to the bit and the driller may raise WOB. This results in reduced bit whirl and improved ROP. The reduction of bit whirl and elimination of stick-slip prevent damage to bit and BHA components.

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