Seawater pumps need the right materials for corrosion control ///

As more production moves offshore and existing fields mature, the number of pumps handling seawater applications is increasing. Vertical turbine pumps offer a flexible design to accommodate any system by multi-staging. The ease of changing the staging on the pumps is also an advantage if it becomes necessary to change the hydraulic characteristics of the system. Stages can be added to the same pump if changes in the system head curve result from an increase in pipe friction due to corrosion. This condition is quite common in seawater systems. Corrosion in vertical turbine pumps can be minimized, and in many cases, completely prevented by proper material selection. However, high initial cost may prevent the use of those alloys which would eliminate the corrosion problem. But initial low-cost materials are not likely to result in the lowest ultimate cost. In critical service applications, it is wise to select more corrosion-resistant and more expensive materials.

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