New PDC bit designs continue to improve ///

Roller cone and PDC bit design has progressed from its fundamental foundation laid nearly fifty years ago. Factors such as depth of cut, cone offset angle, cone geometry, journal angle, tooth/insert count and spacing are still a part of this foundation. Modern design, as shown by the new products presented in this article, focus on details such as bearing configuration, bottomhole coverage and inter-insert (teeth) clearance relative to adjacent cones. Modern design focuses on modeling cone tracking as a measure of bottomhole clearance. Bit designers rely not only on bit run simulations in a particular formation, some simulate the effect of the BHA on the particular bit to get a complete picture of forces affecting bit performance. As new bits are introduced, they are also accompanied by ancillary services such as custom designing each bit to a particular application. The following new designs show that this will be the continuing trend.

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