Single well, single gas phase technique is key to unique method of extracting oil vapors from oil shale ///

Mountain West Energy (MWE) is proposing to research, develop and demonstrate In-situ Vapor Extraction (IVE) to solve the technical barriers with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and oil shale retorting. MWE has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) to demonstrate IVE for EOR on a well at Teapot Dome oil field near Casper, Wyoming. The project is slated to begin this spring. IVE is a production process that accelerates traditional production methods by initiating chemical processes to vaporize crude oil underground. Single-well, single-phase gas extraction as proposed by MWE is absolutely new to the oil industry. IVE for EOR has the potential to increase the extraction efficiency from some oil reservoirs to more than 80% of the original oil in place. IVE can improve oil recovery from conventional oil resources and make oil conversion and extraction from the vast oil shale resources technically and economically feasible.

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