Fast-moving rig designed for shallow, shale-gas plays ///

The Sparta Series Drilling System (SSDS) is a safe, highly efficient, fast-moving rig designed specifically for shallow shale gas plays where drilling time is minimal and fast and efficient rig moves are essential. This modular drilling system is available from Integrated Drilling Equipment (IDE) in 1,000-, 1,200- and 1,500-hp ranges with hook load ratings from 500 k to 750 k, and will meet the strictest US DOT load requirements. The system combines two industry-proven structure technologies: * A bootstrap-style, vertically-erecting mast that uses an independent hydraulic drive * A self-elevating parallelogram substructure, raised with hydraulic winches. The free-standing mast design can be supplied in Range 3 singles or doubles or Range 2 doubles and triples. The traveling block is transported in the mast crown section and remains strung during transportation. Mast sections are handled with an integrated boom using a hydraulic winch mounted on the drawworks’ skid.

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